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Life is cheap

It makes sense to me that the standards for a society are set by people in the highest positions of leadership and responsibility. So when the folks at the top operate in certain ways it can only be assumed it’s out of their perspective or an acceptable perception. I am always fascinated by the average citizens misunderstanding of what their government is about or up to. I am also always amazed at the naïveté of those who think that the armed bodies of men (and women) that we suppose are here to protect us are our protectors rather than protectors of the status quo. If I were to access the actions by those in charge and in power, I would assume that life is cheap. Continue Reading →

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Speculation runs wild in Franklin shooting case — Without an ‘official’ report, family and friends remain skeptical



By Mel Reeves

Contributing Writer


Terrance Franklin, the 22-year-old who on May 10 was shot and killed in the basement of a South Minneapolis home by police after a pursuit, appeared to have been shot five times in the back of the head and twice in the back according to a knowledgeable source who saw Franklin’s body; the source requests that his/her name be withheld. The shooting has left many questions unanswered. While it’s still not clear how or why Franklin died at the hands of Minneapolis police, the circumstances around the police chase have raised eyebrows as well. Citizens have questioned why police called in a SWAT team as well as canine units, and why the police were strapped with submachine guns to give chase to a suspected burglar. Police radio transmissions from the day of the event do not reveal that police thought he was armed or dangerous. Continue Reading →

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