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Veteran supporter mixes with Bad Company

Motorcycle club (good guys contrary to the name) offers vets a positive pastime
By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Mustafa Nelson is a firm believer in helping others. He’s especially passionate, though, about trying to do for veterans of our armed forces what he feels should be done but which the Veterans Admiration has miserably failed to do. “There’s no reason,” he emphatically states, “for vets to be homeless on the street after they have gone and fought for their country.” In this interest, he works in Minneapolis with the Virginia-based nonprofit National Military Support Fund (, which emailed the MSR a statement reading, “Approximately 1,650 individuals a day are released from state or federal custody. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, four million offenders will be under community supervision and a third of them are veterans.”

Disturbing as this is, it’s not difficult to fathom. You come back from war with some of the problems soldiers traditionally face, and winding up on the wrong side of the law is not a stretch at all. Continue Reading →

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