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Addressing EBD through special education


Parents have a say in deciding their child’s classroom setting



Thus far in this series, we have talked about children’s challenging behaviors: what’s typical, when to be concerned, strategies to work with the school to help your child with challenging behaviors, and what to do when those strategies fall short of meeting your child’s needs. We have also covered special education: what it is, how to get an evaluation, who is eligible, and some questions to bear in mind when considering placement options. This section provides an overview of emotional and/or behavioral disorders (EBD). Emotional and/or behavioral disorders are not a mental health or psychiatric diagnosis. EBD is a term used in special education to describe children who have an established pattern of one or more of the following:


• Developmentally inappropriate behaviors that are aggressive, hyperactive impulsive, physically or verbally abusive, destructive or intimidating

• Disordered thought processes manifested by unusual behavior patterns, inappropriate laughter, crying, sounds or language; self-mutilation, or developmentally inappropriate sexual acting out; obsession with specific objects, rigidity, overly affectionate behavior towards unfamiliar persons; or hallucinations or delusions of grandeur


• Withdrawn or anxious behaviors, pervasive unhappiness, depression or severe problems with mood; exhibiting intense fears or school phobia, developing physical symptoms related to worry or stress, or changes in eating or sleeping patterns


• Has unsatisfactory educational progress that is not primarily a result of intellectual, sensory, physical health, cultural, or linguistic factors, illegal chemical use, autism spectrum disorders or inconsistent educational programming


• An inability to exhibit social competence — their social behavior is significantly different than what is culturally, age or ethnically appropriate. Continue Reading →

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