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The lockout is over — and the robber barons win again



The NBA’s new 10-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is now in place. Among its key provisions is a near-even split of the oft-mentioned and hotly contested Basketball Related Income (BRI). The owners got a 10 percent raise from the last CBA, up from 43 percent to now between 49-51 percent. Meanwhile the players, who once got 57 percent, saw their BRI cut reduced at least seven percent. The players will still make money, but the rich owners will still get richer. Continue Reading →

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Candice listens to her body



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


While most of her Minnesota Lynx teammates are now spending their wintertime off-season on foreign soil, Candice Wiggins opted instead for sunny California. “My body’s resting,” the fourth-year pro recently told the MSR during a phone interview. Most WNBA players regularly play abroad between regular seasons, but Wiggins says she’s unsure whether she will head overseas this time around. “I’ve gotten some offers,” she admitted. “The money [playing internationally] is great and it’s wonderful, but as of right now, I am not overseas.”

After a couple of years battling assorted injuries, “I’m listening to my body,” said Wiggins. Continue Reading →

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