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Just the facts! A lack of diversity in Minnesota sports

I hope you had a great Christmas. This time of year grips me like you cannot imagine. It’s a time of joy and reflection. I have taken to social media at FitzBeatSr., my Twitter handle. No Facebook for me. Continue Reading →

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The GOP are crybabies

One thing I cannot stand is a bunch of crybabies during defeat. I couldn’t stand it from Democrats when President Bush won, and it’s double standards politics when Republicans create reasons for defeat all over the country related to policy and/or the office of the president. Watching the returns on election night, Republicans would not accept the fact the Obama team outplayed them on the court by ripping apart Mitt Romney’s message and depicting him as a man who cares only for the rich, not to mention the 47 percent comment. Obama kicked Republican behind.  


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Obama serves a second term

What can Black communities expect from him over the next  four years? By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

History repeated itself Tuesday as Barack Obama won reelection as U.S. president, making him only the first Black man to twice win the presidency in this country’s history. “It has been a fairly harsh campaign,” noted local Republican activist Carleton Crawford, who added that both President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney “have done a particularly good job of presenting their side, primarily based on issues. I think the [three] debates have been substantive… They [gave] people a chance to actually analyze…the perspective and the intention of the candidates.”

Crawford says that President Obama “is going to have a decent mandate” from the American electorate. Throughout his first term, the president was oft-criticized that he didn’t speak out or didn’t put specific issues affecting the Black community on the front burner. Continue Reading →

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Could voter suppression win this election?


By Renee J. Turner

Guest Commentator


With the discreet, systemized, and methodical implementation of voter ID and restrictive voting laws pillaging voters of their right to vote, a call to action has not been loud enough. It’s hasn’t really been an alarm to all voting citizens as it should be. The purging of voters from voting rolls throughout the country is really an assault on America. We should not be so focused on the presidential debates that we forget that the GOP has designed and engineered this faulty voter fraud program to prevent American citizens from voting. The structure of these laws was designed to sway the election of not only the presidential race, but also candidates running for offices throughout the United States. Continue Reading →

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Greatest political shows on earth come and go again

We’re suckers for the same old promises

The Republican and Democratic conventions were little more than a show. And like most shows, when it’s all over you realize it was a lot of “sound and fury” yet “signifying nothing.”

Every four years, this show makes promise after promise. The “Republicrats” promise rain, and when a few raindrops hit a few of our kind (the poor, the colored, the immigrant, wage workers), we run around singing their praises as if our socio-economic drought has ended. Incredibly, the plot is not difficult to figure out; it’s the same one all the time. It goes something like this: Let’s figure out how to keep what we the rich and powerful have, and convince them, the working class, that they have a stake in our success. Continue Reading →

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Like father, not like son: George Wilcken Romney vs. W. Mitt Romney



As I watch all of the millions of dollars pour into the negative campaign ads on television on both side of the aisle, I wonder what would happen if both candidates just had a meeting with each other and said, ”Let’s just stop all of this negativity and pool these dollars and put our constituents back to work and let the chips fall where they may. Let the folk decide who the leader of our free world should be.”

Since I turned 76 years old July 10, and since the Republicans could care less about what I think, I may as well just shut up and write my story. Well, I will take a portion of that remark back. There is one Republican in this town who cares about what we think, and that is Sheriff Rich Stanek. (He is the only Republican my family allows me to vote for.)

But my story is about the honesty of a Republican father and the deception of his Republican son. Continue Reading →

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