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Timberwolves begin 2015-16 season on the road with heavy heart

Sam Mitchell has served as the interim coach since September and will serve as season coach in light of Flip Saunders passing.

Prior to the announcement of Saunders death, the MSR spoke with Mitchell, players, and Wolves GM Milt Newton regarding Mitchell’s coaching style. “Sam has his own style of doing things,” said Newton. “He has a certain way of running things and we will give him the leeway to do that.” Continue Reading →

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Thank you Tubby for an excellent run! — Tubby Smith: a man of principle and integrity



First things first: we join and support the observations made by our longtime friend Sid Hartman in his columns last week that “Firing Smith would be a big mistake for Gophers.”

Once again, the University of Minnesota (1) showed no class; (2) showed no professionalism; and (3) lied, firing Coach Smith just three months after signing him to a three-year extension. They leaked it to the news media before telling Tubby. They tried to cover with “leaks happen” when it kept secret a year it’s extending the contract of its losing women’s basketball coach. They purposefully attempted to humiliate a great coach, a decent human being, and a recognized high-caliber coach with a national title to his credit. Instead, they humiliated themselves, showed their indecency, and exposed the pettiness of self-centered bureaucrats. Continue Reading →

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