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MNsure opens Consumer Contact Center

MNsure’s executive director, April Todd-Malmlov, has announced the opening of MNsure’s customer Contact Center, which will provide support for Minnesotans with questions about securing health coverage through MNsure, Minnesota’s new health insurance marketplace. MNsure representatives will answer questions from individuals and small business owners on the Contact Center’s opening day, guiding consumers through their health coverage choices. “With the opening of the MNsure Contact Center, we make it easy for Minnesotans to get help from trained service representatives, to learn more about the choices they have for quality health insurance, and to choose the plan that is right for themselves and their families,” said Todd-Malmlov. “This opening realizes an important milestone for MNsure as we approach our October 1 open enrollment launch date. The Contact Center is a much-anticipated “live person” customer service resource for over one million Minnesotans, and is a collaborative approach connecting MNsure to the Department of Human Services, Minnesota counties, MNsure navigators and agents/brokers, and health insurers. Continue Reading →

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State’s new health exchange weighs how best to enroll the uninsured




 Outreach and education essential to success

Open enrollment for the new MNsure health exchange program is slated to start this October. “This process of creating a Minnesota [health] exchange was a lengthy one,” states Stairstep Foundation CEO Alfred Babington-Johnson, a member of the health insurance exchange advisory task force. “The State of Minnesota was one of the first states” to work on developing an exchange since the Affordable Care Act became law three years ago, beginning with the formation of the task force. According to the state website (see below), “MNsure will be a simple, easy-to-use marketplace” for consumers to find the right health plans that suit their needs through a five-step process: 1) access the website for selection; 2) review health plans; 3) select a plan; 4) check to see if you qualify for tax credits or other health programs; and 5) complete the enrollment process. Babington-Johnson says that at least 31 percent of the state’s uninsured are low-income persons and people of color. Continue Reading →

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