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MOA outwitted after Twitter fiasco

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The Mall of America (MOA) got caught with its underwear around its ankles last week when it tried to launch a #itsmymall Twitter campaign to promote the mall and to try to overcome the black eye it gave itself after its inane, but predictable, response to the peaceful anti-police violence protest last December. Continue Reading →

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Somali American is not synonymous with terrorist


Farhana Khers, executive director of the group Muslim Advocates, said of U.S. anti-terrorist security measures, “They seem to focus on Muslim communities, which account for only a small fraction of terrorist activities in the U.S.” Yet, they never talk about increased employment opportunities or after-school programs for Whites after a White person commits an act of terrorism. Continue Reading →

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Good and bad news: MN Orchestra, new singer’s debut, Down Beat poll results


Planning your holiday entertainment? Wondering about young African American female singers on the rise? Want to get caught up on Down Beat’s Reader’s Poll results? No problem.  

MN Orchestra labor dispute bad news for jazz lovers

Well, first of all, you may not have heard, but the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA) has cancelled or rescheduled concerts until next season. Continue Reading →

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