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Black sportswriting talent finds outlet on new online site

The Shadow is an online site that features Black writers who provide

in-depth articles. It provides “engaging, insightful and entertaining coverage

of the intersection of sports, pop culture and race” from a diverse perspective.  

Comparable to the Black-oriented news site The, TheShadowLeague. com, which debuted in January, is a “go-to website for edgy,

forward-thinking perspectives.” However, unlike The Root, which is corporate-

owned, the latter is solely owned by former ESPN vice-president Keith


“We all enjoy sports,” says Clinkscales. Continue Reading →

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Another strong-arm tactic to divert taxpayer dollars to franchise owners’ bottom line



Short of a new building, local taxpayers should pay for improvements to the downtown arena where the Minnesota Timberwolves play, according to NBA Commissioner David Stern. These “Stern comments” came a couple of weeks ago prior to his meeting with City officials “just to talk about where things stand in respect to centering back to the great building it was,” said the league commish of the publicly owned arena. “When you think about the [proposed] new scoreboard, the signage, the seats, the clubs, the restaurants, everything really takes the ambiance of the building…and brings it really into the 21st century,” he suggested. In other words, here comes another strong-arm tactic, subtle or otherwise, that league commissioners typically employ whenever franchises can’t get what they want. Forbes Magazine’s NBA Team Values list of the 30 franchises reveals that every team increased its value since last year, including a 34-percent increase for the Wolves, who rank 26th in current value ($364 million). Continue Reading →

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Only certain changes for beleaguered Twins are fewer Blacks



Baseball each year is like that groundhog that supposedly predicts how long winter will last. It reminds us of a welcome change of seasons ahead.  

Spring training begins this week, which signals that the frigid weather hopefully soon will soon be gone. Along with thi

s comes the annual optimistic aura that engulfs each team, including the Minnesota Twins, who twice have come within a game of losing 100 games in consecutive seasons. During the off-season,

the Twins rid themselves of the little on-field diversity it had by dismissing its only Black coach and trading away its two recognizable Black players. Continue Reading →

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Sports odds and ends: Hill’s college career earns her high praise as ‘a special talent’


Despite playing sick, Tayler Hill poured in 24 points last week in her last collegiate visit to her hometown. In the process, the Ohio State senior guard and former Minneapolis

South standout surpassed 1,700 career points — to do so, she needed only three points coming into last Thursday’s contest against Minnesota. “I actually didn’t know about it,” admitted Hill afterwards of the career mark. The 5-10 guard has the Big Ten’s longest active double-figure scoring streak. Hill reached the 50-game mark against the Gophers and leads the conference in scoring just over 21 points a game (11th nationally), and also leads the league in minutes played (32 minutes a contest). Continue Reading →

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W’s goin’ through them changes


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



The WNBA last week did a Buddy Miles “Them Changes” and announced several new moves for the upcoming season.  

W draft in prime time 

After years of having their annual draft shown during daytime soap opera hours, the 2013 WNBA Draft will be shown for the first time next spring in prime time. ESPN2 will show the first round at 7 pm Central time on Monday, April 15. The second and third rounds then will be shown on ESPNU. Both league and network officials cite the historic change due to an anticipated star-studded first round that is expected to include Baylor center Brittney Griner and Notre Dame guard Skylar Diggins. Continue Reading →

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Hometown star athlete shares the wealth



On Friday, July 6, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. (standing at center in left photo, with basketball in right photo) shared his success with his old neighborhood by donating a new basketball court to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in South Minneapolis. Parents and youth were invited to the court’s unveiling, which included food, beverages and ice cream compliments of Larry, Jr. and visits from Minnesota Lynx stars Monica Wright and Rebekkah Brunson. See more photos from the event on this week’s Sports Page. Photos by James L. Stroud, Jr.


Continue Reading →

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WNBA assistant coaches work hard behind the scenes


Shelley Patterson is one of seven Black assistant coaches in the WNBA — only Tulsa, Seattle and Indiana have no Blacks on their staffs. Last season, her second on the Minnesota Lynx bench, Patterson became the first Black woman since 2009 to be on a championship-winning ball club. “I’ve been with some good teams, but from [Lynx] player one to player 11, I love every single one of them. They respect each other and respect us,” she points out. Unlike the NBA, which seemingly has a coach for every three players, a WNBA coaching staff consists only of a head coach and a maximum of two assistants. Continue Reading →

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Dealing with racism plays a part in handling stress


Survey gives insight on Black women’s coping styles

By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer


Throughout her doctoral work, Texas A&M Assistant Sport Management Professor Akilah R. Carter-Francique found that there wasn’t as much research done on how Black women cope with stress or stressful situations. In response, she created a survey to act as a foundation for her own research. “What I began to see in the literature — or rather not see — was discussions on Black women. So I went into my study more exploratory than trying to determine what is going on with Black women today,” recalls Carter-Francique. Through the use of a survey, she asked several female athletes at her school to share their experiences with racial stereotyping and discrimination situations. Continue Reading →

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