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HBCU coaches tend to see athletes as students first


The latest NCAA graduation rates report shows that overall Division I student-athletes graduate at 80 percent, but the oft-overlooked fact is that Black student-athletes graduate at least 20 percent lower than their White counterparts. Even a sport-by-sport breakdown analysis points out that Blacks lag behind Whites in every sport ranging anywhere from 12 percentage points (women’s basketball) to 23 points (men’s basketball). This “significant graduation gap” between University of Minnesota Black and White student-athletes over a five-year period was the focus of a MSRfront-page article this week. Sadly, most of us, especially in the Black community, rather direct our outrage toward who gets voted off reality show islands or dancing shows than publicly demanding an answer to why our Black athletes — most of which aren’t going to the pros after college — are not graduating from predominately White institutions at the same rate, if not better, than White athletes. Seemingly too many Black parents are delusional about getting rich quick off their son or daughter: University of Washington-Vancouver English Professor Thabiti Lewis recently offered such an example. Continue Reading →

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Alleged Bozeman ‘abuse’ adds to HBCU image woes



Last week Todd Bozeman was reinstated as Morgan State men’s basketball head coach. He had missed three games after being suspended because he was alleged to have hit a player during a January 7 game against South Carolina State. Bozeman says he didn’t hit Larry Batsfield, but South Carolina State President George Cooper, who claimed he was sitting nearby and witnessed the incident, says he did. The coach later told Morgan State officials that the situation was blown out of proportion. “I love my players,” Bozeman said in an Associated Press article. Continue Reading →

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