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A mother’s lesson leads to feeding hundreds for Thanksgiving

Oak Park Center helps those whose food dollars are stretched to the limits

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Debra Chavis, back in 2005, was instructed to serve the community — an instruction that came from her mother. Chavis’ mother suggested she provide “an authentic Thanksgiving dinner for the community with the real turkey, real ham, real cornbread dressing, fresh collard greens — like the meal we have in our own house” each November. As the director of the Oak Park Neighborhood Center in North Minneapolis, Chavis now fulfils her mother’s request. “We made everything from scratch — it was 199 people [who attended] that [first] year, and it went really well. “The volunteers of that event were my brothers and sisters,” recalls Chavis. Continue Reading →

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Stadium contract under negotiation — Civil Rights Dept. monitors contractor and worker inclusion



It appears the Minnesota Vikings will sign off in the next 30 days on the contract for monitoring hiring compliance on the construction of the Vikings’ stadium. It is rumored that Viking General Council Kevin Warren will handle the final say for the Vikings (Warren, a member of the Stadium Equity Review Panel, is the highest-ranking Black American business executive with an NFL team). The negotiations between Alex Tittle, equity director for the Sports Facility Authority overseeing the Vikings stadium construction, and the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) have been going on for at least two weeks, as of the writing of this column. Why are they being held in secret? The selection of the Minneapolis Departmentof Civil Rights (MDCR) to monitor hiring compliance raises troubling questions, which I assume the Authority’s and Vikings’ attorneys are examining. Continue Reading →

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