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Snowpiercer is an imaginative, smart sci-fi film

By Howard McQuitter

Contributing Writer


Snowpiercer is Joon-ho Bong’s first English language film. It is imaginative and smart, putting to shame most contemporary American films in the same genre(s).Bong’s (Mother, The Host, Memories of Murder) Snowpiercer is a piercer, a mindblower, a film that lies on the brain, with surprises and all. Mr. Bong takes the plot from a French graphic novel written in 1982 telling of a futuristic world catastrophe. Threat of global warming causes several dozen nations in conjunction, and in an attempt to prevent global warming a chemical is put in the upper atmosphere. Yet the plan backfires, bringing on a new Ice Age. Continue Reading →

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Former professional takes “a massive leap of faith” into music career



By Charles Hallman
Staff writer


A Michael Jackson cover makes the United Kingdom top ten hits charts.  A music video of the song was aired on a cable music channel.  The song helped the artist that did the cover earn Grammy best artist consideration. Kenya McGuire Johnson left her career several years ago as an educator, clinical instructor and higher education administrator and took “a massive leap of faith.”  Now Kenya, the jazz/R&B singer — who uses only her first name professionally — is now working on her third CD. The young musician recently spoke with the MSR by phone from her Chicago home. “I did a lot of music growing up” in Denver, Colorado, including being active in choirs, and jazz bands, recalls Kenya, who has been singing since the age of eight. While in college, she was a member of the Howard University Gospel Choir. Continue Reading →

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