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First annual Moms Rock! Expo aims to connect and empower moms

Twila Dang

“This is a time for moms to say: ‘We deserve two days to get out, go downtown, hang out with some new people, and really find out…what we don’t know,’” said founder and producer of Moms Rock! Expo Sharon Smith-Akinsanya. Attendees can expect to be “inspired by celebrity mom keynotes, real talk panels, cooking demos, and career corner information.” Continue Reading →

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Hold government, business accountable for keeping our youth from street madness

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s time to build opportunity for the African American children. It’s clear that all the recreational things other communities have make a difference in a youth’s life. To begin with, we’ve got to have some real drop-in centers for these children where they can have dances and other social activities to help teach how to interact in a social environment. Maybe it’s time to bring back a teen nightclub like “Mr. Lucky.”

We must find ways to create consciousness, like it was when we adults grew up. Continue Reading →

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A healthy me for a healthy you

When we speak about health, oftentimes physical health comes to mind first. Physical health is important for everyone to be attentive to. Just as equally, we need to be attentive to our mental and spiritual health as well. As Black folks, we have been mentally, psychically and spiritually abused on multiple levels. However, we have found ways to keep pushing. Continue Reading →

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