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MPS: School choice will not close achievement gap


Fourth in a multi-part series

Over the past few weeks, the MSR has published a series of articles focusing on an organization called Better Ed, which has launched a campaign highlighting the shortcomings of Minneapolis and St. Paul Public schools. They promote “school choice” as a solution. Their main argument is that the schools spend approximately $21,000 per students with very poor student outcomes, especially for African American students.
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Public schools foe Better Ed campaigns for school choice

Better Ed billboard as of October 2014

Nearly two years ago a billboard appeared in North Minneapolis that raised quite a few eyebrows. Strategically placed across the street from the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Davis Center at 1250 West Broadway, the billboard declared, “Minneapolis Public Schools spends $525,000 per classroom of 25 students…PER YEAR.”

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UPDATED: Northside schools create partnership for student success


A new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus will be fully introduced this fall at both North Community High School and, a few blocks away, at the “new” Franklin Middle School. North Principal Shawn Harris-Berry and Franklin Principal Karon Cunningham are working collaboratively across the schools.
There was a strong relationship back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s” between the two schools, recalls Harris-Berry, a 27-year Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) veteran. Since then, however, both schools have undergone major changes. North now is a “small college-preparatory” high school with nearly 300 students. Continue Reading →

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City, State, nonprofits partner to give Northsiders economic boost


Construction on the 47,000-square-foot former auto dealership building at 800 West Broadway, the site of a new education and career center, is expected to begin this summer and be ready to open by the fall of 2016. Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and other officials presented their plans Tuesday at the Capri Theatre in North Minneapolis.

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