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Why is there no Malcolm X Day?

It’s unfortunate that Malcolm X doesn’t have a holiday. He clearly is deserving of a holiday. If anyone should have a holiday, it should be him. I have been trying to think about why he hasn’t gotten one, though he has been honored with a stamp. It’s one of the reasons I was pleased that we put on the First Annual Minnesota Malcolm X Conference last week. Continue Reading →

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Clippers players squandered golden opportunity

The Donald Sterling lifetime banishment from the NBA at worst serves as a sad moment. At best, it could spark a long-needed movement. “That remains to be seen,” stated Alexis McCombs, a frequent sports and entertainment contributor for several magazines, including Black Enterprise, regarding the true import of the incident. She was in Los Angeles last week when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver declared Sterling a permanent persona non grata and talked to the MSR by phone. “I think the severity of [Sterling’s] comments is not only a black eye in sports but also to race relations in this country,” observed McCombs. Continue Reading →

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Three jazz artists producing quality material




What does it mean to work with a high level of musicality? Three cutting-edge musicians with new albums out — veteran artists Nicholas Payton, Christian McBride, and rising star Gerald Clayton —certainly know the answer to that question. And for their enduring creative efforts, their passionate music is wooing the world. Trumpeter Payton, bassist McBride, and pianist Clayton, all composers and bandleaders in their own rights, as well as Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated artists, also continue to capture the attention of critics the world over with some of the most accessible new music that I’ve heard this year, so far. They may not be appearing on bandstands with their own bands at our local jazz clubs in support of their albums anytime soon, but at least two of them are no strangers to the Jazz Showcase bandstand in Chicago. Continue Reading →

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Laila Ali one-on-one



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


A famous parent sometimes can be an unfair-comparison chip on the shoulder of the offspring who goes into the same business. Expectedly, that was the case for Laila Ali, the second-youngest of Muhammad Ali’s nine children and the youngest daughter of Ali and her mother Veronica Porsche Anderson. Laila chose boxing, the sport her dad became world-famous in, and over her eight-year career (1999 to 2007), she won each of her 24 bouts, with 21 knockouts. When she retired in 2007, she had won four super middleweight championship belts. In a one-on-one interview with the MSR in Ann Arbor, Michigan prior to her scheduled May 9 keynote speech at the “Title IX at 40” national conference, Laila Ali candidly admits that growing up she never thought about sports, let alone going into the “sweet science” of boxing. Continue Reading →

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Black athlete manifesto: Can today’s players take a stand for Black consciousness?



Are today’s Black athletes that oblivious to their history? Many either don’t know or don’t want to know when Black athletes were consistent targets for the then-and-still-majority-White media. Times, they say, are different now — Black athletes don’t have to go through what Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Muhammad Ali did, along with their contemporaries as well as those who opened the doors for them. It’s sad that today’s Black athletes don’t know, or don’t want to know, just how much the Browns, Abdul-Jabbars and Alis took their social consciousness seriously, even at the expense of their illustrious careers. That these men and others like them cared more about representing their heritage, their Blackness, than endorsement deals. Continue Reading →

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