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What is mumps and why should I care?


Mumps is an infectious disease that primarily affects the saliva-producing (salivary) glands. This includes, most notably, the parotid gland (in front of and below the ear) and also the glands under the tongue. In fact, the term “mumps” is an old-fashioned term for “lumps in the cheeks.” Mumps are most common in children, and in children the disease is relatively mild and runs its course. Common presentation of the mumps includes:

Painful swollen glands on one or both sides of the face

• Fever

• Headache

• Weakness and fatigue

• Poor appetite

• Painful chewing or swallowing

Unfortunately, mumps is not limited to childhood. There have been recent outbreaks on college campuses and, most recently, throughout the National Hockley League. Continue Reading →

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Somali parents struggle with trauma of childhood autism

New legislation promises more help for low-income families
By Michelle Lawrence

Contributing Writer


“It’s an awesome feeling to change policy so that equality is from the get-go and from the gate for all kids. This new law/policy will help children on fee for service Medical Assistance and Managed Care who are mostly low-income and disproportionately minorities. This is victory at its best!” says Idil Abdul, autism advocate (see “Mother of autistic child fights for equal care,” MSR, May 2). On May 16, the Minnesota State Legislature passed an autism therapy (ABA and Developmental Therapy) coverage law, which was subsequently signed into law by Governor Dayton. Unfortunately, many families struggling to cope with the illness are not confident the new law will address their needs. Continue Reading →

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