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Placement critical in special education Parents need to ensure their child’s best interests are served




Placement of a child who is eligible for special-education services is likely one of the most misunderstood aspects of special education, despite the fact that for many African American parents it can have a great impact on their child’s education. It is crucial to know what a placement is, what goes into determining a placement, what to look for in a good placement, and your right to have a placement reassessed if it is not working for a child. Placement refers to how much of your child’s school day is spent in a regular classroom or a special-education classroom, and is referred to as a “setting” or “level.” Federal law defines settings or levels from one to six. “Setting one” is placement primarily in the regular education classroom, while “setting three” is primarily in a special-education classroom. “Settings four, five and six” are placements in a separate school or program. Continue Reading →

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First steps toward getting help for a child



Having a child with challenging behaviors can at times seem overwhelming. It can seem even more so if the child is having difficulties in school. Parents and caregivers may receive frequent calls or letters from school regarding their child’s behavior, as well as requests to meet with school staff. The following steps can start you on the path to dealing with your child’s challenging behaviors:

Step 1: Start by contacting your child’s teacher. Work to develop a plan to deal with the behavior. Continue Reading →

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