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Money is the reason incarceration policies won’t change

 By Naomi Gaines
Contributing Writer
I am writing in response to the editorial piece by Lowell Oates entitled “Questions for Commissioner of Corrections Tom Roy.” It was in the issue May 29 — June 4, 2014. I know I’m not the one you were hoping to respond to your article, but I felt ablazed by your wonderfully written and provocative article. Although you posed these questions to the commissioner of corrections, Tom Roy, I will give you the “real” reason as to why things will remain the same. Further, I will argue as to why those two policies, 106.202 and 206.101, will have trouble being activated. The answer is simple: money. Continue Reading →

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Hip hop lives


By Naomi Gaines

Guest Commentator


I have recently seen the Ice-T documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap. First, I did not think I would be able to see it. I am currently incarcerated and per institution policy, inmates are not allowed to view rated-R films unless they premiere on cable or television channels. As fate would have it, I learned that VH1 would show the documentary, and short of some cataclysmic event I was not going to miss it. Secondly, I’m not only an artist and emcee: I am an avid fan, follower, and freedom fighter for hip hop culture. Continue Reading →

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