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Snowden, Hastings and surveillance? Were they right?

The ‘here we go again’  relevance for Black America

Young journalists stepped forward to warn again how we continue to lose our government to growing “Big Brother.” Thirty-year-old document leaker Edward J. Snowden has fled to a secret place. And 33-year-old journalist Michael Hastings was killed in a fiery auto crash in Los Angeles June 18, 2013. They have shocked the nation by exposing the extent of the secret crypt of America’s intelligence network’s surveillance abuse of American citizens. Black America is not shocked. It’s been part and parcel of our lives ever since the first Black foot stepped off the boat in Virginia, on through failed Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the 1920’s, on through to today, blocking our access and freedoms.

We especially remember the surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders. Continue Reading →

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Black RN starts health academy to increase profession’s diversity

Even with stellar success, she struggles to keep school open

By Vickie Evans-Nash

Contributing Writer


Rachelle Simmons has been a nurse for 23 years. “I grew up in St. Paul’s Summit/University neighborhood. And I always knew the one nurse that worked out of Regions [Hospital] — everybody did, because she was the only Black nurse there then,” Simmons explains. Now she’s in the business of ensuring there will be more nurses of color working in those hospitals. Continue Reading →

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