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Banquet celebrates women who not only survived, but thrive



By Vickie Evans-Nash

Contributing Writer

On Saturday, March 17, National Empowerment Group, Inc. in partnership with R&B entertainer J. MOST will be honoring 10 women for their work and breaking their silence on domestic abuse. The 4th Annual Women’s Appreciation Banquet will be held at the Mall of America Hilton in Bloomington in celebration of Women’s History Month. The celebration, now in its fourth year, started as a way for J. MOST to honor his grandmother. He wasn’t aware of Women’s History Month until his daughter told him about it. Because not everyone has a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and not all women have children to celebrate them on Mother’s Day, J. MOST says, “Those days are special, but you would be surprised how many women are really down on those days. Continue Reading →

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