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New Heritage Park facilities focus on North Side seniors wellness


First YMCA designed to meet the needs of age 55 and older



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The Heritage Park Senior Services Center is nearing its official June 14 grand opening. In an official statement released prior to its completion last June, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) officials predicted that the 69,603 square foot senior health and wellness center “will help anchor future development in the Heritage Park Community.”

Over $10 million dollars of federal stimulus funds was used to help build the $16 million Senior Center, says its director Evelyn LaRue, who has been with the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority for nearly two decades. “But those funds weren’t enough,” she explains. “We also found some other funding sources” including $4.3 million in “new market” tax credits, $1.2 million in Replacement Housing Factor Funds and $35,000 in energy rebates, she adds. Adjacent to the Thomas T. Feeney Manor, an assisted living and memory care facility, the Senior Center will serve over 400 elderly public housing residents in North Minneapolis, as well as other low-income seniors in the community. Continue Reading →

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Seen on da Streets takes the clinic to the community



News Analysis

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Young Black men, naturally propelled by their hormones and bombarded by media images, especially music videos, are practically programmed to pester young Black women for sex. Accordingly, young Black women, along with those influences, just like girls of all colors — including White — are susceptible to peer pressure and self-esteem issues that can override common sense and land them horizontal without having thought things all the way through. Biological and social imperatives quite regrettably do not take into account the steady risk of such consequence as sexually transmitted disease. Or unwanted pregnancy. Both of which are the result of unprotected sex and a woeful neglect of sexual health. Continue Reading →

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