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Gregory Gray reflects on a lifetime of public service

By Isaac Peterson
Contributing Writer


“I think the one thing that links most of my career in public service has been some type of advocacy or support for communities of color and low-income communities,” says Gregory Gray, looking back at his many years of life and service in the public sector. Gray’s service has included stints with the Minneapolis Urban League, the Minnesota House Minority Caucus, Community Action of Minneapolis, and the Legislative Commission to End Poverty By 2020, as well as working with former Minnesota State Representative Neva Walker on immigration issues. Gray is currently serving as the chief compliance officer for the Minnesota Department of Human Services. At Human Services, Gray said, “I head up both the legal department — the internal audit department, our appeals area, our contracts and procurement department, the ethics office, the privacy office — and regulatory areas that hopefully keep the agency on the straight and narrow in terms of abiding by policies and procedures. “But at the same time, since I serve on the senior management team there, I get to have some influence over policy on those areas that I care about, whether it’s health care, issues relative to welfare, a variety of issues that still impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.”

One effort of which Gray appears to be particularly proud is the report issued by the Legislative Commission to End Poverty By 2020. Continue Reading →

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Clearly, Black Americans can succeed at anything



To all of you feeding your children that fib that we are inferior to White people and will never be successful, please stop the madness. I was talking to someone last night who told me the reason we (African Americans) cannot succeed is because since slavery we have been told this over and over again. According to this person, we have been told that we are inferior and will never amount to anything and will always be inferior to White America. I take offense to that because my mother never got that memo. I don’t know why people buy into this propaganda, but please speak for yourself. Continue Reading →

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Cherishing the memory of a mother lost to Alzheimer’s



Clarissa Walker’s life a legacy her daughter shares with the community

By Neva Walker

Contributing Writer

I recall my mom once saying to me, “Baby the hardest thing is, I’m losing myself because without your memories you have nothing.” That statement became the struggle my family would have to cope with while watching our pillar slowly leave before our eyes. Clarissa Walker, who passed away on March 7
Photo courtesy of Neva Walker
I woke up a couple weeks ago with her on my mind, which isn’t unusual but that morning the devastating disease that ceased the vibrant intelligent woman I had known was heavily on my mind, too — Alzheimer’s disease. I was surprised to learn that November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, the same time I would be honoring the birth of my mother. Since I don’t believe in coincidence, I decided this was a message placed on my heart to share my family’s story along with information about this disease with my community. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and a progressive disease that impacts the brain and causes severe memory loss over time; it is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States. Continue Reading →

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