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Men’s hatred of women’s power continues to surface in rape violence


The next interviewer — or for that matter, anyone at all — to ask why this columnist, being male, continually, constantly, and at every possible opportunity protests, decries and denounces man’s inhumanity toward woman might just get told a few unkind things about themselves. In real plain words. Submitted for your consideration: News came December 28 of a rape victim who suffered such unconscionable barbarity she agonized for two weeks, languishing in first a New Delhi hospital bed, then one in a Singapore hospital, before dying in a sleep that was induced by medication to dull her pain. The woman was so brutalized she wound up basically euthanized, tended to until she slipped off into death, her condition and fate reduced to that of a pet cat or dog being looked after before going to the hereafter. It happened because these animals (it was a gang rape) didn’t see her as a human being. Continue Reading →

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