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What we know now…

We’ve learned that to the State, the families of incarcerated men and women are a source of extra taxes for prison budgets

By Sharon Brooks

Guest Commentator


It is no secret that a lot of Black people, particularly young Black men but also way too many Black women, are in prison all across America. But it is not very well known that for each Black person locked up in Minnesota’s prisons, the State allots $35,000 (each) to house and “take care” of them. For Black men in Minnesota prisons, this cost is $35,000 times about 5,000, which is roughly 50 percent of the 9,700 inmates incarcerated here in our great state. Yes, we have been informed that Black people make up more than 50 percent of the prison population here in Minnesota even though less than six percent of the entire state population is Black people. What? Continue Reading →

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Celebrating Fathers in the Twin Cities community






















Honoring fathers in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul community was the focus of a series of activities June 8-16 hosted by Positive Image during its Annual Father’s Day Celebration. In addition to acknowledging the contributions of local fathers, a portion of the proceeds generated from the events provided scholarships to help minority young men attend college. The events included a series of workshops hosted at the Minneapolis Urban League South office focusing on community health, legal resources and employment opportunities. It also included an evening dinner and awards ceremony on June 14 where more than 100 fathers gathered at The Doubletree Hotel in St. Continue Reading →

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The 252 lost to violence in just five years

It’s 2013, and we are still working on this issue of crime and violence across the country. However, I did get some feedback on my last article, so let me try to give some clarity again…

The savage murders of 20 children is still outrageous and insane; the murder of eight adults in the same city is still insane. However, I personally will continue to recognize the thousands upon thousands of our deaths ever since the 1960s. I recently was invited to New Salem Missionary Baptist Church for a memorial service entitled, “Stop the Killing, Start the Healing” dedicated to the people who lost loved ones and headed up by Rev. Jerry McAfee, the president of the Minnesota State Baptist Convention. So I decided to say very little today and allow this article to speak for itself. Continue Reading →

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