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Sisters unite to save youth’s life — Rare disease strikes physically active teens



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer

We know the expression “heart and soul.” You can even look up definitions, one of which reads, “the entirety of one’s energies or affections.” In that spirit, Minneapolis sisters Christina Paylor and Carmen Means are drawing on soul-deep commitments to family to help the ailing heart of 13-year-old Amazin Crudup, Paylor’s daughter and Means’ niece. Amazin has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which damages the muscle wall of the lower chambers of the heart and is a leading cause of sudden cardiac death in especially active adolescents. After getting up in the morning, getting dressed takes about all the strength she can manage before needing to rest. Routine teenage activities like frequenting the shopping mall, carousing downtown on a Friday night, even simply going to school are out of the question. At press deadline, Amazin had weakened enough to have been admitted to University of Minnesota Amplatt Children’s Hospital since March 18. Continue Reading →

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