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Ex-St. Paul student returns to enliven a ‘boring…broken system’

By Khymyle Mims

Contributing Writer


Throughout his youth, Darrail Hughes attended various Saint Paul Public Schools. Now, as an adult, he returns to give that same school district something he believes they’ve been lacking: an African American male who students can relate to as he relates to them. “I would say something’s wrong with [traditional learning]. That’s why we are changing it,” says Hughes, believing that the current education system is getting ‘boring.’ Currently working with a division of the St. Paul Public Schools entitled Focus Beyond Traditional Services, Hughes credits his current position to his belief in the Arts Literacy Movement. Continue Reading →

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Deconstructing the school-to-prison pipeline

Volunteers seek alternatives to locking up kids

By Jamal Denman

Contributing Writer

Save the Kids is an all-volunteer national organization that started in New York in 2009. Most of the people involved have been personally impacted by the criminal justice system through themselves or close friends or family members being incarcerated as juveniles or as parents and caregivers of young children. The core objective of Save the Kids is to promote alternative methods of dealing with youth who are in trouble or have made poor decisions rather than just locking them up and giving them criminal records. “We believe that no kid, no matter what they did, should be incarcerated,” says Anthony Nocella, a visiting professor at Hamline University’s School of Education and its Faculty Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching. “There’s better community alternatives that can be employed rather than incarcerating kids.”

Nocella introduced Save the Kids to the Twin Cities area and started working with local community activists, educators, and others concerned with the well-being of young people to put together events at universities, high schools, and community centers spreading the word about Save the Kids and getting more people involved. Continue Reading →

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