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UPDATED: Northside schools create partnership for student success


A new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus will be fully introduced this fall at both North Community High School and, a few blocks away, at the “new” Franklin Middle School. North Principal Shawn Harris-Berry and Franklin Principal Karon Cunningham are working collaboratively across the schools.
There was a strong relationship back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s” between the two schools, recalls Harris-Berry, a 27-year Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) veteran. Since then, however, both schools have undergone major changes. North now is a “small college-preparatory” high school with nearly 300 students. Continue Reading →

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Police officer shot in North Minneapolis


The shooting and wounding of African American police officer Jordan Davis, at 5:30 am Saturday, February 21, 2015, had all the possibilities of creating significant tension and conflict. Andrew Neal, also African American, is in custody and charged in the shooting. Here’s the twist: Neal was a paid informant for the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) in the ’90s. Continue Reading →

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Three days of basketball at Minneapolis North  

Prep scene

It was quite the week at Minneapolis North High. The school hosted the Middle School basketball championships, a girls’ game against a City Conference rival the following evening, and a boys’ game the next night.  

Here is how the final three days of the week unfolded. Wednesday Feb. 4:

The Minneapolis City Middle School boys’ and girls’ basketball championships were held during the evening before an enthusiastic crowd. Continue Reading →

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Transit riders bring concerns to Met Council

Routes, fares, shelters among issues raised in community engagement session

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Transit equity means more than additional bus stops or faster trains. Local residents are saying it also means an equitable voice in transportation decisions. “Equity is not just a thing, but it is about money,” said Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) head Anthony Newby after a May 10 public meeting attended by over 100 community members held at his organization’s West Broadway office. “That money needs to show up on a contract, on a piece of paper that needs to be held accountable to.”

Many in the audience were regular Metro Transit riders who strongly suggested that a transit advisory committee composed of both community members and the Metropolitan Council be established. Four Metropolitan Council members were there: Gary Cunningham, Adam Duininck, Jennifer Munt and James Brimeyer, all of whom told the audience that they were not authorized to make any final decisions but promised to take it to the entire 17-member body. Continue Reading →

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Equity in light rail postponed again

The Star Tribune ran stories last week about light rail in the metro area. The real interpretation: purposeful denial, again, of light rail equity for North Minneapolis. Star Tribune reported, May 12, 2014, that African Americans believe North Minneapolis is “not getting its fair share of transit amenities, despite having a heavily transit-dependent population,” and that there is a “drastic difference between service and amenities in other parts of the city like Uptown and the south side.” In other words, jobs for White city plantation bureaucrats and White construction workers, and more transit for White areas. We need action, not more talk. Back in 2008 and 2009, Black legislators and leaders were talking about a big public-works project involving light rail in North Minneapolis. Continue Reading →

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Cookie Cart creates pathway for future entrepreneurs

Renovation will make business more environmentally friendly

By Brandi Phillips

Contributing Writer



In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the world, the economy, the people and the way of living was vastly different from the way that things are now. Some people and organizations have decided to make the change with the times and improve their relationship to the land. People and organizations are continuously becoming greener and more environmentally friendly. Native North Minneapolis business Cookie Cart is going in on the “Green” movement. When I sat down to interview the Executive Director of Cookie Cart, Matt Halley, about the organization’s history, present, and future. Continue Reading →

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Black wine expert enjoys defying stereotypes

By Brandi Phillips
Contributing Writer


Mouton Noir means “black sheep.” André Hueston Mack is an African American owner and winemaker of Mouton Noir Wines. After being successful in a corporate career with Citicorp Investment Services, he decided to leave his desk job and follow his dreams as a winemaker. Mack was once awarded the best young Sommelier [restaurant wine steward] in America by the highly prestigious food and wine society Chaine des Rotisseurs. On April 25 at UROC on Plymouth Ave. in North Minneapolis, Mack told his story of winemaking excellence. Continue Reading →

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