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Local up-and-coming comedian K Jay performing at Sam’s Grill




There’ll still be plenty of fireworks left after the 4th of July, only they’ll be explosions of audience laughter at the That’s So Funny Comedy Show Friday, July 5 in Bloomington. The show will be headlined by Damon Williams (Comedy Central, BET’s Comic View), with host Boima Freeman and featuring someone you truly want to watch out for, rising Twin Cities star K Jay the Comedian ( Few fields are harder to break into than show business — that goes without saying. However, staying in entertainment and establishing a solid presence, is tougher yet. As poet-rocker Jackson Browne once sang, “It ain’t bad work if you can get it. Continue Reading →

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Obamacare ‘has something to do with Obama’

Beyond that, many folks are clueless how the new  insurance law affects them

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


An April Kaiser Family Foundation survey found many Americans are either unsure or still confused about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At least half of respondents say they don’t have enough information about the federal healthcare law, “ObamaCare,” passed in 2010, to understand what it will do for them and/or their families. The MSR recently visited one of the community’s traditional places where people talk — the barber shop — to get first-person opinions on the ACA. We asked two questions; the first was, “Do you know what the ACA is all about?”

A professional football player said he didn’t want to know anything about the ACA. “I know it has something to do with Obama,” said a male patron who was in a hurry. Continue Reading →

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Status quo fixes won’t stop the frightening violence


It is the elephant in the room that people don’t want to talk about: the ongoing street violence affecting so many African Americans in this country due to the dysfunctional institutions, leadership and policies that allow caste-like barriers — bad schools, few jobs, drugs, crime — to remain in place and foster violence. It is alarming. It is frightening. But so long as these dysfunctional institutions, leadership and policies hide behind the lie that they can’t be fixed, they won’t be, even though the fixes are readily in sight: education, jobs, housing. The mayor of Minneapolis, R.T. Rybak, recently announced that Chuck Wexler and the Police Executive Research Forum would be brought back to Minneapolis to advise on developing strategies to deal with Minneapolis’ violence, as if the extent of the violence is the issue. Continue Reading →

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