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New Year’s resolutions: a catalyst for change?







“I will lose weight, I will exercise more, and I will spend less, stop smoking, stop drinking, get organized and so on and so on.”

Holidays have passed, the decorations are packed away, and this is the time when people make resolutions for the coming year. After January 1, people tend to take stock of the previous year, looking at their successes and challenges and identifying what they want to change. A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something and is developed to solve problems. About half of the population makes resolutions annually, but only 10-30 percent achieves their goal during the year. Approximately 75 percent are able to adhere to their resolution through the first week, but by six months, this rate falls to 46 percent. Age appears to be a factor: For those over 50, the failure rate drops to 86 percent, with only 14 percent succeeding. Continue Reading →

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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

The holiday season is upon us and the hustle and bustle has begun. This time of year promotes a spirit of giving and gratitude, but this can be short-lived as the holidays fade into the past and we begin our New Year, especially if we over-spent, over-ate and over-extended ourselves. Gratitude can be defined as a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation and is the essence of good mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Spiritual leaders have long promoted the benefit of being grateful even in the face of challenge. The physical and mental health communities have also begun to identify and promote the benefits for wellness of having an attitude of gratitude. Continue Reading →

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