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Giants dominate Packers 37-20



GREEN BAY — Will history be kind to the Green Bay Packers, considering they were defending Super Bowl Champions, 15-1, the number-one seed in the playoffs for the first time since 1996, second-highest-scoring team (560 points) in NFL history and winners of 19 straight games? The cruel reality of the National Football League is that on any given Sunday it’s for real — you can get your nose bloodied in this league. The New York Giants, the last team to qualify as NFC East Champs for the 12-team playoff field, did the punching Sunday. They shocked the football world on a wonderful 31-degree, sun-splashed January day having come to town confident that they could play with the defending champion Packers, and they proved it. Losing that close 38-35 battle at home to the Packers on December 4 in the regular season in some ways sparked the Giants. Continue Reading →

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No contest — Tide rolls over LSU 21-0


NEW ORLEANS — Be careful when you give someone a rematch. The motivation of the agony of defeat can make a huge difference. We saw it when Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frazier in the rematch. We saw it when the New York Giants shocked the previously unbeaten New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Monday night we saw it again. Continue Reading →

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Vikings done, NFL Second Season begins


PHOENIX — It’s over. The worst season of Vikings football since 1984 has come to an end, 17-13 to the Chicago Bears. Back in 1961 when it all started for the Vikings in Minnesota, they beat George Hallas and the Chicago Bears. Well, Sunday at Mall of America Field at the Metrodome the Chicago Bears ended a five-game losing streak and handed the Vikings a 17-13 loss in what could be the last game the Vikings play in Minnesota. What’s sad is that nobody knows the lease agreement between the Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Commission officially is over. Continue Reading →

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2012: a year of decision, a year of danger

2012 for Black America could be one of the most decisive and dangerous years since the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and the turbulent days of the Civil Rights Movement (1950s and 1960s), regardless of which party wins in November. The conservative wing of American politics, so obsessed with defeating Barack Obama, has thrown their normal political caution to the winds. Before, for over 40 years, the left was seen as compulsive, irrational and careless. Danger: Both parties are not cooperating, just as in the period leading up to the Civil War and the period just prior to the Great Depression of 1929. Danger: According to the largest hunger report, “Hunger in America,” nearly 49 million people, one in six of the U.S. population and more than one in five children, were hungry or faced food insecurity at some point during 2010. Continue Reading →

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2011: preparing for the election of 2012


If 2012 is an extension of 2011, there could be hell to pay as both political parties continue their Year of Preparation to obtain the prize each seeks: the presidency of the United States. Each will work hard to defeat the other; that is the American way. Don’t get mad at that. I’m just the messenger to remind all about this American genius. It is not devious. Continue Reading →

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2011 top sports stories: mostly a year to forget

2011 will be best remembered from the sports scene locally as a year to forget, and indifferent at best. The Twins were just awful to watch, finishing 63-99 — dead last — in the American League. Mega-stars Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau both were far from normal previous MVP form. Health, injuries and uncertainty were just a huge part of the story. Bill Smith, general manager since 2007, paid the price and was fired. Continue Reading →

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The three unforgivable sins of Herman Cain


Herman Cain disappeared in the first week of December 2011 as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. I was not surprised. A little over a month ago, in this column, I said Herman Cain had to stop stepping on the banana peels. There have clearly been more banana peels than Herman Cain could tap dance around. In the tradition of a classic Broadway musical, Herman Cain danced and sang, but it wasn’t enough. Continue Reading →

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EMERGE nears fundraising goal for new career/technology center



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Tough economic times these days have made work for many local nonprofits difficult. A state shutdown for nearly a month this summer didn’t make things any easier either, recalls Mike Wynne (Inset above), the CEO of EMERGE (Emerge Community Development), an employment and development agency in North Minneapolis. “The only thing worse than the state shutdown was the budget they [the Minnesota Legislature] passed afterwards,” he points out. “I talk to a lot of my [nonprofit] colleagues, and they all are going through the same thing. We all are reeling from these cuts. “It’s tough… We’ve experienced some loss in revenue” as a result of the 20-day stoppage in July, continues Wynne. Continue Reading →

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Tell us something we didn’t already know: The corruption of disadvantaged business enterprise programs in Minneapolis

When the Monday, November 21, morning edition of the Star Tribune hit the streets, I was amused by the headline: “Preferred Public Works Contracts Get Scrutiny.” I’ve written 20 columns on this since 2005, identifying corruption and criminal malfeasance that has shut African Americans out of programs that were allegedly created to give the African American community a shot at some of the so-called big dollars, such as the $950 million Light Rail Corridor Project and the Gopher and Twins stadiums.
So I welcome the Star Tribune in joining us in scrutinizing the whole issue of how fairness, justice and equality of opportunity for Blacks has been sidestepped by not enforcing disparity/diversity statutes, ignoring them, as politicians and their bureaucratic enablers favor laws/statutes/rules benefiting other groups claiming to be minorities. Had Martha Stewart been a Congress member, she would not have gone to jail for insider trading
But, as the former director of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights infamously said, pointing out how discrimination and exclusion is legal again, “We can meet our minority hiring compliance requirements without hiring a single Black person.”
The danger in this kind of investigative reporting is that there are those who attack you for printing the truth, trying to apply pressure to make your column disappear, as they oppose hope and change in order to keep the changeless status quo and their position in it. But God is a good God: Be patient, persevere, and lay out the facts, and the truth will make a difference. I haven’t taken my eyes off the prize: prosperity for all through education that qualifies boys and girls and men and women for jobs, and then facilitates equal access to those jobs. When the City of Minneapolis released its report last year entitled The State of Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises, October 22, 2010 (DBEs: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs), I wrote that it contained the evidence, statistics and data exposing the criminal acts against the interests and the future economic opportunity for African Americans in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Sixteen reasons why JoePa should have done the right thing

The philosophy in America has always been that one is innocent until proven guilty. Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno are clearly poster children for that doctrine or its failure, depending on how you look at it. Penn States seems to have a culture where children are sacrificed, where legality (“I reported.”) trumps morality (“I followed up.”). Leave no doubt in anyone’s mind: This is an ugly situation. There are enough mysteries going around that if Alfred Hitchcock were still alive he could make three movies out of this: a county DA who received the report nearly a decade ago and then disappeared, never to be heard from again; riveting testimony before the grand jury of sexual abuse and failure to apply the law (and in fact failure to even report allegations of sexual abuse; it was a mother who stepped forth, not the men). Continue Reading →

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