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Rev. Jesse Jackson deserves our respect

By Alvin Brown

Guest Commentator

I recently saw a video where an unseen person was heard telling Rev. Jackson that he wasn’t needed in St. Louis, and where had Jackson been before all this took place. Granted any person has a right to voice their opinion on any subject, but why all the frustration and distrust aimed at Mr. Jackson? Despite all the ”accusations” that Jackson and others ”sold out the Black community,” I ask where is the proof. Sure, he got caught cheating on his wife, but I also recall an ex-president having oral sex in the Oval Office and was received as a rock star in the last election. Continue Reading →

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No More Excuses

Too many have sacrificed for us to give up now
Most of the excuses we make up make it hard for our life on this earth. Everything that really matters we make excuses for: excuses why we won’t go to school, why we don’t listen to our parents, why we don’t stay out of trouble, why we end up in jail, why we have a criminal record, why we have felonies. More excuses: I don’t have a job because I won’t work for less than $10 an hour. I don’t have a job because no one will give me a chance. If you don’t listen to your parents and drop out of school, your chances of being successful are slim to none without education. Continue Reading →

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