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How parents can help close the achievement gap

Educator encourages close collaboration between home and school
By Dr. Levette Evans Thomas, Ed.D

Contributing Writer


I believe as an educator I can effectively contribute to closing the achievement gap. It is important for parents to believe they can be passionate about helping their children achieve academic and social success to close the achievement gap in a school community of high expectations. We are to value each child in our community. Every child can learn. I am passionate and I love teaching. Continue Reading →

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Does Black love exist?

Welcome to Black History Month 2013. This is a month to enjoy and celebrate the legacy of our ancestors and encourage the development of future leaders. This is a time of not only celebration, but also a time to embrace the greatness of being Black. We as people have come a long way to get to the point in time where we are today. In the middle of February, there is also another celebration that we all celebrate. Continue Reading →

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