partial paralysis

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Living, surviving and thriving with a disability Bring the disability skeleton out of the closet

What is a disability? This is a multifaceted question. My opinion: A disability alters the “natural” or “normal” state of something or someone. The qualifier for this is who is defining “natural or normal states,” and how the definitions are received and applied by the public. My disability: partial paralysis of my left side, to which most people would apply the above definition. Continue Reading →

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Living, surviving and thriving with a disability

Assistance, support from others vital to surviving with a disability
Why did I “survive” as a Black “crippled” child? I believe I survived so others can see it is possible. How did I “survive?” I believe I was born with the intestinal fortitude, true grit, and determination to survive. What did I survive? I survived a traumatic brain injury as well as severe internal injuries with resulting partial paralysis on my left side from head to toe. Continue Reading →

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