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March on Washington – 50 years later

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. set the stage for the environmental justice movement

I  was not alive August 28, 1963. The March on Washington was held 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and eight years to the date of the lynching of Emmett Till. Being inquisitive, I look for clues in history that might lead to our freedom from oppression. I often find myself looking through the words of Dr .Martin Luther King for inspiration. I admit that I often skip the “I Have a Dream” speech. Continue Reading →

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The politics of the plate — Big money talks in limiting your right to know what you are eating



When we are told to watch what we eat, many of us are counting calories. We are told to count the amount of fat, sodium or sugar in our food. Research says that tracking food in this manner helps us make better food choices possible. Yet there are aspects of our food that are not as easily quantified as grams of fat, salt or sugar. This aspect of our food is not measurable and is beyond our realm of choices. Continue Reading →

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