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What will a credit card cost me?

The most important consideration when choosing a credit card is the price. Two major items make up the price of the card. One is the interest rate (usually called the “annual percentage rate” or APR), and the other is the annual fee. But other fees can add up, too.  

Study the fees

Before selecting a credit card, learn which credit terms and conditions apply. Continue Reading →

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This culture of violence is tearing us apart

Once again the African American is being told he is not human…during the recent acts of murder of 20 innocent children and eight adults in the state of Connecticut. All of a sudden the White majority is outraged because they see themselves as the only human beings. However, we have lost lives across this nation in record numbers — in the city of Chicago, 584 to date this year, with over 1,800 shootings. Over the years in that same city they’ve murdered thousands of human beings. I’ve personally learned through my travels going back and forth across this country that we’ve lost thousands in every major city. Continue Reading →

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