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Minneapolis Civil Rights to post monitored construction projects online


Public now privy to who is meeting workforce goals and who is not
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



The Minneapolis Civil Rights Department has made public the monitoring list of city-based construction projects. City of Minneapolis workforce goals are 32 percent minority and six percent female. “We will publish it monthly” on the department’s website, announced City Assistant Contract Compliance Director Michael McHugh last week of the 57 projects currently being monitoring for people of color and female workers. “It is to make sure

that the contractors who are doing work with the City are being accountable to meet the participation goal that’s set for them.”

Each project is graded using three grades: meeting committed goals (M), not meeting goals (NM), and too new to grade (TN). “At the beginning of the project [and] before they actually start work on the project, they state to us what they are going to perform as far as their [workforce] participation goals,” continued McHugh. Continue Reading →

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