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Police use of confidential informants creates distrust in the Black community

Photo by Tony Webster published under Creative Commons License

As we are seeing a record number of people engaged in discussions centered on criminal justice reform, it is imperative that the Black community establish guidelines for police cooperation. Police across the world have been able to corrupt poor and vulnerable citizens (i.e., mentally ill) to turn on their fellow brother or sister, causing a lack of trust throughout the community. Continue Reading →

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U.S. cops get away scott clean with taking Black life

Police departments all over the country have opened outright war. It hasn’t been declared but that’s the nature of America’s new, improved racism. Back in the day, rabid dogs like George Wallace and Lincoln Rockwell came right out and said ”Ni**er.” They forthrightly stated that Black life wasn’t worth the breath in folks’ bodies. Today, politicians silently let courts get away with letting cops off the hook for gunning down, choking to death and otherwise viciously violating our humanity. And those politicians conspicuously include that HNIC sitting in the White House. Continue Reading →

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National study: Young Black males 21 times more likely to be killed by police

  How do local police measure up? 

By Isaac Peterson

Contributing Writer


Racial tensions in the U.S. have reached the boiling point in the wake of the deaths of two Black males at the hands of police officers and the announcements in the last few days that grand juries declined to bring charges against either officer. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson just weeks after Eric Garner was placed in a chokehold that resulted in his death by Daniel Pantaleo in New York. Both officers are White. The racial tension, already high, reached the flashpoint nationwide in the last few days following the grand jury announcements. Protests, some becoming violent, took place all over the country, including the Twin Cities, decrying a system that seems to allow police to murder Black males with impunity and with no repercussions. Continue Reading →

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Life is cheap

It makes sense to me that the standards for a society are set by people in the highest positions of leadership and responsibility. So when the folks at the top operate in certain ways it can only be assumed it’s out of their perspective or an acceptable perception. I am always fascinated by the average citizens misunderstanding of what their government is about or up to. I am also always amazed at the naïveté of those who think that the armed bodies of men (and women) that we suppose are here to protect us are our protectors rather than protectors of the status quo. If I were to access the actions by those in charge and in power, I would assume that life is cheap. Continue Reading →

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Justice demands action — not cowardice excuse making








I am amazed at the amount of cowardice that exists in our community. No doubt we are cowardly! I’m not being too hard. Does anyone really believe that the system that continues to allow injustice and inequality is just going to sit back and let people oppose it without fighting back? And they don’t have to come after you with their uniformed minions. Continue Reading →

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