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Penumbra Theatre Co. flips the script to meet economic challenge

Financial state result of administration’s failure to watch cash flow

By James L. Stroud, Jr.

Contributing Writer


Penumbra Theatre Company (PTC), one of the nation’s largest African American theaters, has suspended its programming for the year. This decision is due to a cash-flow challenge, which prompted PTC to lay off six of its 16 full-time employees. In a surprising twist to it all, PTC’s Lou Bellamy, who is known for being the founder, will be replaced as artistic director. However, according to reports, his successor will not be announced until close to the spring of 2013, when the theater will resume production. PTC was founded by Bellamy in 1976. Continue Reading →

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Acclaimed journalist on civil rights and politics, past and present




By Elizabeth Ellis

Contributing Writer


Eugene Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize winner for his Washington Post newspaper election coverage of President Obama and a National Association of Black Journalists member, spoke at House of Hope Church in St. Paul this past January, courtesy of the Weyerhaeuser Foundation. If Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were still alive today Robinson believes King would “still agitate, still fight;” that King was a “moral force who changed a nation forever, who represented the conscience of the nation; that King would say, “Push on,” and that even advanced age “would not prevent him from holding feet to the fire, from holding folk accountable. “

He also believed that King (“Absolutely!”) would still have been an activist for economic justice. “After all, jobs and freedom was what the March on Washington, D.C., 1963, was all about. Continue Reading →

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