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Chemist, professor, businessman, pilot and plane builder

N. Judge King made his dreams come true — and other people’s too

By James L. Stroud, Jr.

Contributing Writer


Dr. N. Judge King has always been fascinated with the idea of flying and owning an airplane, ever since he was a young man of 10 years. According to him, fear of flying was never a part of his mindset. “When I told people that I got my pilot’s license in 1968, they were afraid that I was going to hurt myself,” says King. He’s currently 75 years young and still going strong, but he decided to stop piloting airplanes in 2001. King has lived in the Twin Cities for more than 35 years with his wife, Dr. Reatha Clark-King, who is well known for her work as a former president of both Metropolitan State University and the General Mills Foundation. Continue Reading →

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