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Green household cleaning tips that save Benjamins





By Renee Barron

Contributing Writer

We live in an age of chemical use that is affecting our health. Our people are contracting cancers of all kinds — asthma, and so many other illnesses — due to overuse and consumption of chemicals in our food, drinks, and personal-care products. Many years ago I set out to remove products from my home that contained chemicals as they have a direct link to cancer. The health and wellness of my family depended on removing these carcinogenic elements from our daily use. The things we rub on (lotions, creams and powders), clean with and spray into the air, all affect our health in ill ways that many of us are unaware of. Continue Reading →

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How to get all the vitamin D you need



Gone Green for Health

by Renee Barron

In my last my column, we talked about the importance of getting vitamin D from the sun. This column will focus on chemical-free sunscreens and foods rich in vitamin D.

Darker-skinned people need at least an hour per day in the sun, if not more, but they also should use sunscreens and sun blocks. Chemical-based sunscreens and sun blocks have the following hazardous ingredients: para amino benzoic acid, octyl salicyclate, avobenzone, oxybenzone, cinoxate, padimate, dioxybenzone, phenylbenzimidazole, homosalate, sulisobenzone, menthyl anthranilate, trolamine salicyclate, and octocrylene. These chemicals in themselves cause cancer and other health-related problems before you even get out into the sun. Here are some natural sources of sun protection. Continue Reading →

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How to get all the vitamin D you need




Welcome, MSR readers, to a new section you will see appear regularly in these pages, something we call Green2Green. Most of you by now have heard of the green movement to clean up our planet, stop the waste of precious natural resources, and get climate change under control. What is not always clear is just what this movement means to each one of us in our everyday lives. Nor is it always clear how this movement includes environmental justice issues of particular concern to communities of color. And finally, it is not always clear how the green movement can also save us green, as in Benjamin green, and is creating new opportunities for productive careers. Continue Reading →

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