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As a Black president, Barack Obama is a bust



If Barack Obama isn’t going to have Black issues high among his priorities, what was the point of America making such a big deal out of him being the first Black president? Indeed, why did Black voters turn out in record numbers to put him in the White House? Just for the sake of being able to swell up their chests and point with pride to the fact that for the first time in history there’s an African American politician in the country’s most prestigious office? Just as a hollow, cosmetic gesture? The nation’s affirmative action poster boy? Continue Reading →

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Obama: the White folk’s Black president



Where Obama’s hoodie at? Congressional Rep. Bobby Rush in March walked onto the House floor, stepped front and center, then, shedding his suit jacket, revealed a sweatshirt and put the hood up, declaring, “Racial profiling has to stop. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.” This, of course, to protest the mindless murder of Trayvon Martin. Rep. Gregg Harper, not surprisingly a Mississippi Republican, had a fit in purple paint. Presiding over the chamber, he tried, as Rush kept speaking, to shout him down, but Rush wasn’t having any and kept talking. Continue Reading →

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