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Could voter suppression win this election?


By Renee J. Turner

Guest Commentator


With the discreet, systemized, and methodical implementation of voter ID and restrictive voting laws pillaging voters of their right to vote, a call to action has not been loud enough. It’s hasn’t really been an alarm to all voting citizens as it should be. The purging of voters from voting rolls throughout the country is really an assault on America. We should not be so focused on the presidential debates that we forget that the GOP has designed and engineered this faulty voter fraud program to prevent American citizens from voting. The structure of these laws was designed to sway the election of not only the presidential race, but also candidates running for offices throughout the United States. Continue Reading →

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GOP fields challenger in 5th District



Chris Fields says he unites, Ellison divides


By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Keith Ellison, the charismatic and hugely popular congressional representative of Minnesota’s Fifth District, is confronted by a credible challenger in Chris Fields, who in April got the Republican Party nomination with upwards of 75 percent of the vote on the first ballot.  Which is interesting, considering Fields is a political rookie. He made a good impression to say the least, and states on his behalf, “My time as a United States Marine gives me [strong] experience in federal government. Since I haven’t had a long career in politics, I don’t owe anyone, especially special interests groups, anything.”

His assertion is that he stands as an authentically independent voice, one who sides “with the people of this district. Minnesotans want a representative who [shares] their experiences and possesses the leadership skills.”

Raised in South Bronx, N.Y. and going on to Bronx Regional High School, which he left as valedictorian, Chris Fields eventually enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. “I finished College Park University, graduating magna cum laude. Experience gives me [an informed] view of challenges facing the world.”

Fields adds, “Having survived a tough inner-city upbringing, I have certainly shared many of the struggles people in our district experience today. My 21-year career as United States Marine [gives] me real experience with the federal government and a first-hand look at what works and doesn’t work in government. Continue Reading →

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