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John Legend urges educational reform as top priority



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Fixing U.S. schools must be a top priority, says award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend, who spoke last week at the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul in the second Minneapolis Foundation RESET Education event this year. RESET is an acronym for “Real-Time Use of Data, Expectations not Excuses, Strong Leadership, Effective Teaching and Time on Task.” The nine-time Grammy Award winner is a strong education reform proponent and serves on several boards, including Teach for America and the Harlem Village Academies. The singer asked the estimated 900 people who attended his nearly one-hour speech, including two groups of Minneapolis youngsters, why they would come to hear “a R&B singer” talk about education. “I’m a musician, not a [school] superintendent,” he said, strongly pointing out that the present educational system in this country is failing too many kids. Continue Reading →

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