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Tell Me More axed by NPR

Yet another program by/for people of color bites the dust on public radio

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



Tell Me More, the National Public Radio (NPR) multicultural daily newsmagazine, will leave the air August 1 after seven seasons. It debuted locally earlier this year on KNOW (91.1 FM) and is believed to be the first Black-oriented program that targeted people of color on the station’s regular weekday program lineup. The cancellation decision was announced by NPR officials in late May. In an interview with Richard Prince, whose “Journal-isms” column is regularly featured on The, he reported that the network claimed the one-hour program “was not financially sustainable in its current form.” A top NPR executive told Prince that the show cost $2.1 million to operate and lost $1.5 million each year. “People donate to foundations and corporations specifically for that show as underwriters,” said Prince in a recent MSR phone interview, explaining in more detail how the funding works . Continue Reading →

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Free Gophers football tickets meant to ‘improve student engagement’

Not many Black students seemed engaged








The 2013-14 University of Minnesota school year now is in session. Last week, during the school’s sixth annual Welcome Week, nearly 5,000 new students took advantage of  the offer of a free ticket and meal voucher and attended the August 29 Gophers’ home football opener. However, it is not clear how many of the approximately 400 Blacks and other new students of color were in attendance. During a 75-minute period before the game, this MSR reporter didn’t notice too many Blacks first-year or otherwise who came through   the stadium’s Lincoln County gate. But the few we were able to talk with all looked forward to “having fun” at their first-ever college football game. Continue Reading →

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