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NFL is being attacked!

The NFL game and its players are so popular by leaps and bounds ahead of the other professional team sports that suddenly in a political year the negative stories about some star players have launched an all-out attack by many on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. His leadership and inability to get out front on several problems with players and their off-the-field issues has turned many against Goodell. Mistakes have been made, and the lack of accountability has turned the meter up. It all started a few years ago with the concussion reality that so many past and present players have been faced with. Former players have injuries that they need help with, and the players have no means to help themselves. Continue Reading →

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It’s barbecuing brothers week!




It’s been well documented that society salutes its stars and heroes with praise and admiration so that later they can kick them when they slip up. Remember President Bill Clinton’s fall from grace? Tiger Woods and LeBron James have both been vilified, Woods for cheating on his wife and James because of his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami four years ago. Last week was not quite at the levels of the three famous names previously mentioned; however, Tony Dungy, the first Black head coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl and a highly respected and regarded NBC sports analyst (not to mention a former Gophers quarterback and Vikings defensive coordinator) and Stephen A. Smith ESPN analyst, both were torched on social media and criticized over the TV and radio airwaves for their respective comments. Dungy said in a previous Tampa Tribune interview that he “would not have drafted St. Continue Reading →

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Like the stock market, NFL free agency is up!

The so-called cycle comes and goes in life, business, and in the perception of things being up or down. The 2014 NFL free agency period has returned with the vigor and zest that was intended two years ago after the NFLPA (Players Association) was beaten down by the 32 NFL owners and Roger Goodell in the mandated lockout. The union gained concessions on the field and in the workplace. That was important for the 1,700 union employees better known as the players. The owners, led by Goodell, got their number-one objective, and that was to slash the rookie wage scale by 50 percent. Continue Reading →

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Washington football team should drop the “R” word


Marc H. Morial

Guest Commentator


“At a moment when President Obama and Republican leaders remain deeply divided, this week saw them come to a bipartisan agreement on one thing: It is time for Washington’s NFL team to stop using a racial slur and to finally change its name” — Oneida Indian Nation radio ad. This past Sunday, as Dallas and Washington revived their annual NFL football rivalry, they also found themselves in the middle of an escalating fight over the name of the Washington football team. In fact, as part of its “Change the Mascot” campaign; the Oneida Indian Nation is running radio ads in Dallas and the other cities where the Washington football team is playing this year calling for DC’s team to drop the “R” word from its name. This is all part of a larger movement among civil rights organizations and political leaders from both the left and right who correctly point out that the term “Redskins” is a racial slur. Suzan Shown Harjo, a Native American woman who lives in Washington and directs the Morning Star Institute, has been leading this fight and others like it since the 1960s. Continue Reading →

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Legislature caught whistling in the dark — Financial problems for Viking stadium construction project



For years I have defined as ill-conceived any planning that mostly serves the planners and their agency/bosses and not those they plan for, that too often leave African Americans out of their equations, purposefully failing or refusing to meet both diversity and equity hiring requirements and appropriate funding or financing best practices regarding construction, education, housing, jobs and public safety. I have long written about the perils of such ill-conceived planning regarding the Vikings stadium. The Star Tribune reminded us of these perils in articles last week, April 8 and 9, perils that could lead to a failed stadium project and loss of the Vikings to another city. There is anxiety in the Minnesota legislature. Read from my over 25 columns on this gathered together in a solutions paper for the Vikings stadium situation, at Continue Reading →

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Wild, wild NFL win and lose!


Give the NFL credit for being smart. Number one, all they do is win. Revenue-ratings, popularity, continued growth, and they do all this while assaulting the NFL Players Association. The recent flurry of activity in free agency is so deceiving. Like Mike Wallace leaves Pittsburgh and signs with Miami for $60 million, $30 million guaranteed. Continue Reading →

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