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Local up-and-coming comedian K Jay performing at Sam’s Grill




There’ll still be plenty of fireworks left after the 4th of July, only they’ll be explosions of audience laughter at the That’s So Funny Comedy Show Friday, July 5 in Bloomington. The show will be headlined by Damon Williams (Comedy Central, BET’s Comic View), with host Boima Freeman and featuring someone you truly want to watch out for, rising Twin Cities star K Jay the Comedian ( Few fields are harder to break into than show business — that goes without saying. However, staying in entertainment and establishing a solid presence, is tougher yet. As poet-rocker Jackson Browne once sang, “It ain’t bad work if you can get it. Continue Reading →

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Hip hop artists speak out on the war — Originally published April 2, 2003





By Yvette Griffea-Gray

Contributing Writer



What a difference a day makes. Approximately two weeks ago, war was still a threat hanging over our heads. Protests for peace were being held all over the country — its participants hoping to make a difference at the grassroots level. The protests continue, and we are now living in a time where all of the war talk has actually come to fruition. American soldiers are fighting for our country, and several have already died doing so. Continue Reading →

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