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The Lion King’s Syndee Winters: ‘I’ve wanted to be Nala since I was 10 years old’




Wonderful as Disney’s entire production of The Lion King is, Syndee Winters stands out in the role of Nala. Nala, for anyone who might not know the show, is the feline lady love (and conscience prodder) of Simba, the brave little lion cub whose rite of passage takes him to eventual self-discovery and reclamation of his dad’s throne. In the stage version of the famous Disney film, she also is a plumb assignment for an actor, featured in the show-stopping number “Shadowlands” and the popular duet “Can You See the Light.” It’s a part that calls for a performer who can emote, articulate and, in short, just plain bring it. Winters’ qualifications to get the job done are documented. As is her skill as a dancer. Continue Reading →

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