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Security reduced at Vikings games

Sheriff Richard Stanek objects: Why didn’t others?  
The National Football League’s directors of security ordered all 32 NFL teams to ban law enforcement officers working NFL games from being armed: no more bringing their weapons to work at the stadium. Besides “why,” why did they try to keep it secret? Two stood up against it. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Hennepin County Sheriff Richard Stanek stood their ground. Continue Reading →

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New Year resolutions: Protect children from violence, poverty



By Marian Wright Edelman

Guest Commentator


As New Year’s Eve countdowns wound down, many people turned to the familiar ritual of taking stock of where they are now to make resolutions for what they can do better in the new year. We all measure our accomplishments and shortcomings in different ways. Some people count numbers on a scale or in a savings account. But what if we decided to take stock as a nation by measuring how we treat our children? If we did that kind of countdown, we’d learn:

• Every second-and-a-half during the school year a public school student receives an out-of-school suspension. Continue Reading →

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Sandy Hook tragedy exposes a tragic double standard


There were some things about the coverage of the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut that gave me pause and should give all of us pause. Let me say up front that I believe that this was a very tragic occurrence, and I empathize with the families of those who lost loved ones, especially children. I can’t think of many worse things than losing a young child. And it is right that the nation should mourn the loss. Furthermore, human beings should mourn all loss of life. Continue Reading →

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