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WNBA 2012 wrap-up


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Only four times in 11 previous WNBA lotteries have the worst teams actually got the top pick. Therefore, if the lottery didn’t exist, the Tulsa Shock would’ve had the top overall pick the last two years. Some hinted that Phoenix, whose lottery ball came up first last week, might have lost a few more games in order to put themselves in a better position. As a result, once again the lottery bandits robbed the season’s worst team, Washington, of the right to draft first — the Mystics instead will draft fourth. No such “not playing hard” talk about Tulsa, who got the third draft slot and who might have been the league’s best nine-win club this season. Continue Reading →

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Lynx in ‘outstanding position’ for 2021 draft



I get into the WNBA annual draft the same way I used to get into the NBA draft before it became nothing more than too many annually selected players long on potential but very short on stardom. The W draft prospects are four-year seniors, matured players. But like any draft, some will be busts — one (training camp) and done. Nonetheless, I enjoy watching these women college basketball players play below the rim, sizing them up. Sadly though, to find any local male media type who’ll discuss the three-round April 16 WNBA Draft with the same seriousness with which I approach it is a virtual no-go. Continue Reading →

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