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The re-rebirth of soul

Electric Lady Janelle Monáe delivers
By Junauda Petrus
Contributing Writer
Janelle Monáe’s concert on Tuesday, October 22 at the Skyway Theater, like her music, referenced a legacy of soul that young audiences were eager to witness. The music from her latest contribution, The Electric Lady, like her past works, is thought-provoking and critical, yet funky and cutting edge. Monáe’s music is bringing Afro-futurism to modern-day realities with cleverness, freshness and fun in a musical climate that is in desperate need of her fearless, funky soul. The show was a dynamic unforgettable experience that made it clear she has all of the makings of a musical icon. Monáe is a genius at making music that is complex and entertaining – an impressive pairing in a musical era in which mainstream content is often saturated with lyrics that seem allergic to any real depth or social reflection. Continue Reading →

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Giving thanks for being Black Critical thinking in the Black Independence Movement



“Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud!” — James Brown

Thanksgiving — what a marvelous word! To be thankful seems a rarity these days, especially when it comes to being Black. I can’t count the number of times just this week that I have heard, “You can’t trust Black people,” “You know how we are,” “I knew they would be so ghetto,”… You get the inference. What I hear much less often are things like, “My Black is BEAUTIFUL!,” “How wondrous to be the descendant of so great a people!,” “Black people are good and righteous and just,” or how about “Black is so GOOD!”

This weekend I watched Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair, and wow! I saw with my own eyes that Willie Lynch is still shaping our thoughts about one another, and ultimately, the value of our Black selves. Continue Reading →

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